Belonging to the last generation of university of students under the colonial rule, Leung studied Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong but witnessed the Handover as a reporter. Weaving through art and politics. She was a member of Para/Site Art Space and In-Media (Hong Kong). Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the founding member of Hong Kong Culture Monitor. Her research interests include, among others, artistic labour, city space and cultural politics. Her essays and commentaries have been published in the Hong Kong Economic Journal, InMedia (Hong Kong), City Magazine, Leap, etc. Publications edited by her include Modern Art in a Colony: Narrated by Hon Chi-fan at the Millennium, Odd One In: Hong Kong Diary (by Pak Sheung-cheun), QK – Specimen Collection of Chan Yuk-keung, The Red Twenty-years of Ricky Yeung Sau-churk, etc.