Art Appraisal Club Members


Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000, with the Chevening Postgraduate Scholarship by British Council, Kwok Ying obtained her master degree from the Chelsea College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts London, UK in 2004. Kwok is an artist and curator who has worked in Hong Kong, China and the UK for the last 12 years.

As the curator of the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester in the UK between 2006 and 2012 with responsibility for the centre’s artistic direction, she delivered four exhibitions every year, accompanied by related talks and events, and also oversaw the artist residency programme. She has built up a wide network of contacts with organisations in the UK and Asia through frequent collaboration projects and exchanges.

Kwok has served as a member of the board of trustees of Grizadale Art and a committee member of the Chinese Film Forum UK. She also founded the artist collective, “Association”, with two UK-based artists in 2009 to explore the “boundaries of collaboration”, which has always been an important part of her curatorial approach. She is interested in various social situations and how people’s behaviour changes in different circumstances, and to that end she initiates events and projects within various social platforms, such as dinners and club nights.


YEUNG Yang is an independent curator, writer and university lecturer. Her curation includesArt Responds to 14QK (2007), Burdening Representations – historical memory of China from Hong Kong (2009) and Around sound art festival & retreat 2009, 2010, 2013. Her recent publications include Hong Kong/China Photographers Series 7 – Alfred Ko (Hong Kong, 2012); “Putting sensitivity in place – artist Phoebe Hui” and “Divided Attention – artist Samson Young” in Hong Kong Artists, 20 Portraits (Eds. Cordelia and Christoph Noe, Hong Kong 2012); and “Art education in the university itself – a perspective from general education” in What Do Artists Know? (Ed. James Elkins, Chicago 2012). She is editor of Away from the Crowd – the art of Jaffa Lam (Hong Kong, 2013) and Pocket 2: say, Listen (Hong Kong, 2013). She founded soundpocket in 2008. ( She currently teaches classics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was awarded the ACC Fellowship in 2013.

Vivian TING

Vivian Ting teaches Art Administration and Curatorship in the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she did Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and gained curatorial experiences at the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath and the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Her research focuses on how people engage in art activities in the wider context of cultural consumption.

LEUNG Po-Shan, Anthony

Belonging to the last generation of university of students under the colonial rule, Leung studied Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong but witnessed the Handover as a reporter. Weaving through art and politics. She was a member of Para/Site Art Space and In-Media (Hong Kong). Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the founding member of Hong Kong Culture Monitor. Her research interests include, among others, artistic labour, city space and cultural politics. Her essays and commentaries have been published in the Hong Kong Economic Journal, InMedia (Hong Kong), City Magazine, Leap, etc. Publications edited by her include Modern Art in a Colony: Narrated by Hon Chi-fan at the Millennium, Odd One In: Hong Kong Diary (by Pak Sheung-cheun), QK – Specimen Collection of Chan Yuk-keung, The Red Twenty-years of Ricky Yeung Sau-churk, etc.


Leung Chin-fung, Jeff is currently the Project Manager of the Hong Kong Arts Centre and responsible for the coordination and curation of exhibitions. For promoting Hong Kong artists, Jeff used to curate independently and turned common spaces (e.g. bookstores, shopping malls) into exhibitions, including “C – Alternative Reading – Exhibition of Artist Book” (2005) in a mini-bookstore, the inaugural show “Arte Hiking” (2010) of K11 Art Mall and portable exhibition “Wearable Exhibition: Bring Art Everywhere” (2012). By contributing exhibition reviews, Jeff would like to collate the exhibition history of the Hong Kong contemporary art. His reviews are recently published in ARTCO and archived at In-Media (Hong Kong).

CHAN Sai Lok

Painter and writer. Shifting in the field of art and literary practice, education, art administration, art critics and gender studies, the changing roles somehow blurs his own identity.

He was graduated with the Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts and the Master of Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and finished the Master of Arts in Gender Studies programme from The Chinese University of Hong Kong afterward. He has published self-funded exhibition catalogues One Way Ticket in 2007 and Future, in Variance with Memories in 2008.

He is now freelance art practitioner and executive committee member of the House of Hong Kong Literature.